NHS Tutoring

General Information

Requesting a Tutor:

  1. Go to the Tutoring tab, press View Sessions, look for an available tutor, and contact them!
  2. If you are having trouble finding a tutor when you’re free, contact your officer (tell us what subject and when you’re free and we'll set you up right away)

NHS Members


You must complete 12 hours of tutoring by the end of the year. Have your hours logged by the following deadlines (January deadline is extended):

  • January 31: 4 total hours
  • March 15: 8 total hours
  • June 15: 12 total hours

Signing Up to Tutor:

  1. Go to the Tutoring tab, and press Sign Up, the username must match your bergen mail username
  2. Once you’ve signed up, go to the Tutoring tab, and press Add a Session
  3. If you’ve already signed up, go to the Tutoring tab and press Sign In, and enter your credentials
  4. Once you sign in, you’ll be prompted to add tutoring sessions - be sure to enter full hours (ie 10-12, not 11-12)

Logging Tutoring Hours:

The tutee must fill out the form so NHS can verify your hours. Tutoring hours will not be counted without a completed form. Each NHS member is responsible for making sure that he/she submits a form.